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Here at Silva Spray Foam, we have the team and resources necessary to handle insulation projects of all sizes. Whether you need insulation for a small office space or for multiple large retail stores, we have you covered. We cover all of Oklahoma and the majority of North Texas.

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Commercial Insulation Oklahoma

About Our Commercial Insulation Services in Oklahoma

Commercial insulation from Silva Spray Foam offers excellent benefits for properties in Oklahoma and North Texas. Specifically, spray foam helps improve the value of your commercial property. It also helps ensure your commercial space is comfortable with high air quality. Additionally, the EPA estimates that spray foam insulation can save you 15% or more on energy costs each month.

There are two primary options for you to choose from — open-cell spray foam and closed-cell spray foam. Both are reliable, but you may prefer one option depending on your specific commercial insulation needs in Oklahoma. Below is a close look at both options and when we might recommend each.

Commercial Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation in Oklahoma

Open-cell spray foam has better R-value than cellulose and fiberglass insulation, but it does not match the R-value of closed-cell spray foam. However, there are certain benefits you receive when you choose open-cell rather than closed-cell spray foam insulation. These benefits include:

  • More cost-effective upon installation
  • Better noise control (creates a quieter interior)
  • Lasts for 30+ years (and up to 75 years or more)

Commercial Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation in Oklahoma

Closed-cell spray foam is a denser and heavier material than open-cell spray foam. This provides more resistance to damage from pests, weather elements, and general wear and tear. However, since it does not expand as much as open-cell spray foam, more material is required upon insulation, which raises the initial cost. Although, such of the cost is returned to the customer in one form or another. The notable benefits of commercial closed-cell spray foam insulation are as follows;

  • Highest R-value available (7.0+ per inch)
  • Unmatched energy costs savings
  • Lasts for 50+ years (and up to 100 years)

The Benefits of Commercial Insulation From Silva Spray Foam

There are several major benefits when you choose commercial insulation in Oklahoma from Silva Spray Foam. These benefits include:

  • Reduce energy costs by 15% or more
  • Create a quiet environment
  • Reduce the risk of water and moisture damage
  • Avoid pest damage in vulnerable areas
  • Increase the resale value of your commercial property
  • Spray foam lasts for 50+ years
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  • Reduce Energy Costs by 15% or More:
    Spray foam insulation has the highest R-value (relative to alternative solutions). This means your commercial property remains cool without your HVAC unit having to work harder than it should. Consequently, this keeps your energy costs down. In fact, the EPA estimates that spray foam insulation can save you approximately 15% on energy costs each month.

  • Create a Quiet Environment:
    New insulation from Silva Spray Foam helps you maintain a quiet commercial space. Whether you own office buildings and want a quiet work environment for employees (or tenants), or you operate a retail store and want to ensure customers feel comfortable when they visit, new insulation is a great way to accomplish this.

  • Reduce The Risk of Water and Moisture Damage:
    Commercial insulation in Oklahoma ensures there are no drafts in your property. Not only does this keep energy costs low, but it also helps prevent water and moisture damage that could otherwise be costly to repair. It accomplishes this by creating an airtight seal that the outdoor weather elements cannot penetrate.

  • Avoid Pest Infestation and Damage in Vulnerable Areas:
    Pests and animals such as squirrels, bats, raccoons, etc. are notorious for destroying the foundation of commercial properties, chewing wires, and wreaking havoc in various other ways. One of the best ways to protect against pest and animal infestation is by installing reliable spray foam insulation in vulnerable areas, such as your commercial crawl space, attic, walls, and roof.

  • Increase The Resale Value of Your Commercial Property:
    Another major benefit of commercial insulation in Oklahoma is the ability to increase your property’s resale value. Spray foam insulation raises your property’s value significantly, which leads to a significant return on your initial investment. This is particularly useful for commercial building owners who may sell their real estate property in the next 10 to 20 years.

  • Our Spray Foam Lasts for 50+ Years:
    Spray foam lasts significantly longer than other forms of insulation such as fiberglass and cellulose. In fact, closed-cell spray foam may last for up to 100 years. Open-cell spray foam also lasts for more than 50 years in most cases. This means less maintenance is required to ensure your property’s insulation works optimally. Consequently, much of the initial investment for installation is returned to you long-term through cost savings.

When to Replace Your Attic Insulation in Oklahoma

You should replace your commercial insulation in Oklahoma if you notice significant increases in your property’s energy costs each month. Poor insulation particularly leads to higher energy costs during the warmer months when temperatures above 90 degrees fahrenheit are normal in Oklahoma and North Texas.

You may also notice damage to your property’s insulation that suggests new insulation is necessary. This is particularly the case in the roof, walls, crawl space, and attic of your commercial space. In other cases, commercial insulation in Oklahoma is needed when there are signs of water damage such as mold or mildew, pest infestation, or compromised air quality and drafts. Ultimately, the best way to determine the quality of your existing insulation and determine if an insulation upgrade is necessary is to call a professional in the area and schedule a time for an inspection visit.

Spray Foam Commercial Insulation Oklahoma

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